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From The Chair

MAG is very eager to increase its relationship with all clubs around the country.

Riders who join clubs tend to be genuine enthusiasts. It is enthusiasts and enthusiasm that make MAG the organisation it is.

I speak from first hand experience as I was a member of the Barnsley Bikers MCC for 10 year before deciding to devote my free time to MAG.

As well as being an organisation to promote and protect bikers' rights, MAG puts on some great parties which help fund our activities. It also provides a great network to get to know fellow bikers.

This year clubs are welcome to have their own stall at MAG's Farmyard Party free of charge.

Click Here for details.

MAG has fought many battles over the years and won some big ones but we now face the most serious threat to motorcycling ever from the unsympathetic application of surveillance technology, speed limiters and proposed road charging schemes.

This not only sets out to attempt to justify the logic of taking control of your throttle to control your speed, but further than that it, aims to monitor when, where and how you are travelling at all times.

Yes big brother will be indeed watching you and who can speculate what they will do with this information.

Those at the rabid extreme of the road safety lobby are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospects for the new technology and our job is to meet their zeal with sanity, moderation and intelligent defiance.

We have always defended the freedom of choice and freedom of expression for those who choose to ride their motorbikes as a hobby, mode of transport or as a life style.

Anyhow that's enough from me. Have a great season and enjoy the spirit of the open roads.

I'll see you around.

John Mitchell
National Chairman

For the Club Affiliation membership forms, please call MAG Central Office on: 0844 248 0165

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